This Cookie Policy complies with the Italian Data Protection Authority's Guidelines on Cookies and Other Tracking Devices of 10/06/2021; it is therefore compliant with the current regulatory framework on the processing of personal data by using cookies, which is composed of Directive 2002/58/EC (the so-called ePrivacy Directive) and subsequent amendments, as transposed into national law in Art. 122 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (Personal Data Protection Code), and European Regulation 679/2016 (hereinafter, GDPR).

With this document, we - Stories of Italy srl with registered office in via San Francesco d’Assisi, 15, Milan, 20122, VAT no. 09151450963, pec:, e-mail: -, in our capacity as Data Controller, inform you, as a user of the website, about the technologies adopted for the management of this website and their functioning.

More specifically, these technologies (cookies or other tracking tools) allow us, as Data Controller, to collect coded information for the purposes set out below when you interact as a user with the website.

For any further information, please refer to the Privacy Policy published on the website in the “Legal Area” section, which can be visited at the following link:


Cookies are usually strings of text that websites (so-called "publishers", or "first parties") visited by the user, different websites or web servers (so-called "third parties") place and store - directly, in the case of publishers, and indirectly, i.e. through them, in the case of "third parties" - in a terminal device that is available to the user.

In more general terms, cookies can be installed either by the operator of the site (first-party cookies) or by a different website that installs cookies through the first website (third-party cookies) and is able to recognise them. This happens because on the website there may be elements (images, maps, sounds, links to web pages of other domains, etc.) that are located on servers that are different from those of the website you are visiting.


The coded information collected by cookies may include both your personal data as a user of the website (such as, for example, your IP address, user name, unique identifier or e-mail address) and your non-personal data (such as, for example, language settings or information on the type of device you are using to browse the site).


Cookies allow the website to function efficiently and improve its services, in addition to providing information to the website owner for statistical or advertising purposes, primarily to personalize your navigation experience by remembering your preferences (for example, remembering the language and currency you set, in order to recognize you at the next visit).Cookies can therefore perform different functions, such as, for example: monitoring sessions, storing information about specific configurations concerning users accessing the server or easing the use of online content. In practical terms, cookies can be used, for instance, to keep track of the items in an online shopping cart or the information used to fill in an online form.  


Depending on the criteria adopted, cookies can be classified in different ways. Cookies can be considered in terms of:

  • time:

cookies can be classified according to their duration. They can therefore be distinguished into “session (temporary) cookies” – which are automatically deleted when the browser is closed - and cookies that stay active until their expiry date or deletion by the user;

  • subject:

depending on whether the publisher is acting independently or on behalf of a 'third party', cookies may be qualified as first-party cookies sent to the browser directly from the website visited by the user or as third-party cookies sent to the browser from other websites and other than the website the user is visiting;

  • purpose:

the main distinction, however, concerns the purpose for which cookies are used. In this regard, they can be divided into two main macro categories:

  • Technical cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website, essential for navigation or to provide a service the user has requested. In particular, cookies are qualified as technical if they are used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication on an electronic communications network, or insofar as this is strictly necessary to the provider of an information society service that has been explicitly requested by the contracting party or user to provide such a service (Art. 122 Legislative Decree 196/2003). These cookies allow the website to track your preferences, to make a purchase or log in to reserved areas.

Their use falls within a codified case of exemption from the obligation to obtain the consent of the data subject. Therefore, under consideration of the function performed by these technical cookies, the Data Controller is only required to provide specific information on their use.

  • Profiling cookies

These  cookies are used "to link specific actions or behavioural patterns recurring in the use of the offered functionalities (patterns) to specific identified or identifiable subjects, in order to group the different profiles within homogeneous clusters of different sizes, so that it is possible for the Data Controller, among other things, also to modulate the provision of the service in an increasingly customised manner beyond what is strictly necessary for the provision of the service, as well as to send targeted advertising messages, i.e. in line with the preferences expressed by the user when browsing the web” (Italian Data Protection Authority's Guidelines on Cookies and Other Tracking Devices of 10.06.2021).

Profiling cookies are, for example, the cookies that allow the website to monitor the user's navigation, to send advertisements and/or offers, which are in line with the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the internet.

The use of cookies or other tracking tools for purposes other than technical ones requires the prior acquisition of the user's informed consent (Art. 122 Legislative Decree 196/2003).


Our website uses various types of cookies and similar technologies, each of which has a specific function:

- Technical cookies

Technical cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the website and for providing the service offered and requested by a user. We refer especially to navigation cookies, which allow you, from the first access to the website, to view its content on your device by recognizing the language and market of the country from which you have chosen to connect. If you are a registered user, these cookies will allow you to be recognized and to access the services offered from the dedicated areas;

- Functional cookies

Functional cookies are not essential to the functioning of the website, but they improve navigation quality and experience. These cookies  allow you, for instance, to be recognized also after your first access, so that you do not have to enter your information each time you access the website. An example is the function “Remember me”: if you have added items into your Shopping Bag and closed the session without completing the purchase and without eliminating those items, these cookies allow you to continue the shopping experience the next time you access the website (within a limited period), finding the same articles that you selected before;

- Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to prepare statistical analyses on the navigation methods of our website’s users. We process the results of these analyses anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes. This kind of data is processed only if the service provider uses the cookies to connect to the browser which is used or to other devices used to navigate on the website. The website uses third-party services, which install their own cookies in a completely independent way;

- Social network cookies

Social network cookies are necessary to allow your social account to interact with our website. They are used for example to express your appreciation and to share it with your social networking friends. The social network cookies are not essential for the navigation of the website;

- Marketing and profiling cookies

Marketing and profiling cookies aim to create user-related profiles to send commercial messages that meet the preferences shown during the visit, or to improve your navigation experience: while you navigate on our website, these cookies are useful for showing you products of interest to you or which are similar to those you have viewed;

- First-party and Third-party cookies

First-party cookies are created directly from our website, while third-party cookies are those that have been sent by our trusted third-party companies. These cookies allow you to receive our commercial offers on other affiliated websites (retargeting). With regard to third-party cookies we do not have control over the information provided by the cookies and we do not have access to this data. As already mentioned in the Privacy Policy, this information is entirely controlled by third-party cookies.


Pursuant to Article 13 of the GDPR, with regard to the information collected by the cookies installed directly by the website, in our capacity as Data Controller, we specify the followings:  

  • data are collected only for the purposes and only for the duration set out above;
  • the use of technical cookies does not require the user's prior consent as these cookies are necessary to enable navigation within the website and the proper functioning of the website itself. If technical cookies are removed through the browser settings, navigation within the website may not be possible, in part or completely;
  • the use of profiling cookies depends on the prior consent that the user may have given. The provision of consent to the installation of such cookies is merely optional;
  • the data collected by first party cookies may be disclosed to parties acting on behalf of the Data Controller, for example Data Processors or persons in charge of the processing, for purposes related to those described above. With reference to such data, we remind you that you may exercise your rights pursuant to Art. 15 et seq. of the GDPR, as better described in the Privacy Policy available by selecting the "Privacy Policy" item in the “Legal Area” section at the following link;
  • the purposes of the processing of third-party cookies as well as the management of the user preferences with regard to the cookies themselves are not determined and/or verified by Stories of Italy srl, but by the third party that manages them, in its capacity as provider and controller. However, regardless of the fact that you have validly consented to the installation of cookies, including third party cookies, Stories of Italy srl is committed to support you whenever you request it.


The first time you visit, you can decide not to consent to the setting of profiling cookies by clicking on the "I do not accept cookies" box of the banner or by simply scrolling down the page. This will allow the website to use only technical cookies.

On the other hand, you may accept profiling cookies by performing one of the following actions:

  • by clicking on the "accept all cookies" box in the banner, you will accept all cookies other than technical cookies;
  • by clicking on the "customise cookies" box in the banner, you will be able to decide which cookies (other than technical cookies) to consent to.


You can block all cookies by activating the browser setting that allows you to refuse the setting of all or some cookies. This procedure will also disable technical cookies, which are essential for the navigation of the website. Blocking all cookies may have a negative impact: if you block cookies, you may not be able to use certain features on the website (e.g. log on, access content, use search functions).

  • Most browsers support cookies, but you can set your browsers to decline them and delete them whenever you like. To manage cookies from the browsers Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Opera, Tor, Srware, please go to the settings page of your browser and look for Privacy related options;
  • to disable analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your navigation, you can download and install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

For more information on cookies and how to manage your preferences for third-party profiling cookies, please go to